Our Views On Ecological Agriculture

Ecological agriculture is a type of agriculture preserving the soil, water, and air where genetic engineering is not used and where the growing techniques in harmony with nature are applied. In 2009, the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science, and Technology for Development (IAASTD), published a report. More than 400 scientists, stemming from all continents and a broad spectrum of disciplines, worked together for four years for gathering the data While half of the report was written, biotechnology/GDO companies withdrew from the study because they realized that this report would not approve the genetical change in the products and the findings and remarks of the report would threaten the chemical industry’s approach to agriculture. “IAASTD report clearly suggests that ecological farming is the only way in order to feed the present day population.”

Our agricultural endeavors are applied within the scope of good farming and organic agricultural practices. They are based on scientific data; are completely respectful to nature and are free of any chemical additives that will harm to the soil, water and the air We either follow the innovations on the subject closely or apply in house enhanced new methods by listening to what soil tells us.

The first agricultural practice of Eget Vakfı(foundation) as you may read in detail at “EGET VAKFI COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE” page is the establishment of a truffle orchard. After regenerating the land of 22.000 square meters in the city of Muğla, we planted the truffle inoculated oak tillers that are bought from Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Truffle Research and Application Center. Then, the lavander plant that is known as an assistive plant for truffle growing is transplanted to the land between the oak tillers a year later. Thus, during the five year period, until truffles grow, lavander plant became the second revenue generating plant.