Our Understanding Of Education

EGET Foundation’s main goal that is also stated in our ‘Articles of Foundation’ as a ‘nonamendable article’ is to give scholarships to students in need due to financial constraints and help them continue their education without interruption.

We believe that the change that our country needs will be actualized by the brilliant young generation of Turkey if they can improve themselves in science, art and in business. For this reason, supporting the youngsters financially as much as possible for them to receive the highest level of education, we aim to carry out our country to a place she deserves, to the level of contemporary civilization

According to OECD 2020 data, the demand to higher education in Turkey, in the last ten years shows a higher increase compared to other OECD countries. In spite of that, only 57% of these students could settle into an undergraduate program. But ,only half of these students are expected to complete the program. One of the main factors of the students not completing their education is financial impossibilities. Even if the students get into a university, they are not able to meet even their basic needs and they are obliged to give up their education.

At the same time, the ratio of children liivng in severe material depreviaion has the highest rate in Turkey among other European countries. According to Eurostat 2019 data, approximately 35% of children are growing up in severe straitened circumstances. Considering that children poverty has the risk of lasting in perpetuity, the lack of access to education poses a greater danger for children of today Because, the young unable to continue their education have to work in menial jobs; have to face joblessness more often; and they earn lower income. The inheritance of nonequality of opportunity in education from generation to generation is another danger for children. It seems that, these dangers can all and only be eliminated through the ensurance of equal opprtunity in education and through supporting the students who are already studying.

As EGET Vakfı,we believe that it is unaccaptable that the youngsters become uneducated, non individuated people who even can not complete their personal development in cultural terms. We think that the ostracisation of the children in social and economic terms growing up in low income group families will have an adverse outcome and as a result in time, the whole country will be suffer from the consequences.

We want to believe that, our govermental officials, the managers working in non profit organisations, and one by one each one of us will show due consideration as soon as possible to this day by day deepening social wound .