Our Perception of Tourism

Unfortunately, our world is face to face with global warming problem due to our thinking that our natural resources are limitless and our use of them coarsely; the use of fossil fuel with avarice, the destruction of forests, and the endamagements of technological processes to the ecosystem. We are face to face with global warming problem. And, this means climate change in the whole World.

The climate changes also cause alterations in the tourism understanding of the world. For this reason, there is an alienation from the classical tourism concept seeking for an alternative ways of tourism.

The ecotourism which is a quite new concept is first suggested in 1992 at Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit. Ecotourism, as defined in this summit, is embraced as “an approach or attitude assuring the sustainability of the natural sources of the earth, and upholding the economic development of local people as well, and protecting and watching for their social and cultural integrity.”

As EGET Vakfı, we act with the principle of sustainability in our all initiatives. Our main focus will be on rural-tourism, agrotourism, in short eco-tourism. We do not limit the tourism facility with just accommodation areas. But, instead we plan in such a way that agriculture, husbandry and tourism trio will be integrated on the premises.

In order to create circulating capital to be able to award more scholarships and to ensure the foundation survive for long years, EGET focuses on the subjects of geriatrics, ecological agriculture, and tourism. With these practices, as being a nonprofit organisation respectful to ecology and the universe, we aim to inspire many institutions, producing projects that will set an example to not just to Turkey but to the World.