The headquarters building of an institution that deals with ecological agriculture, had to be suitable for its establishment purpose and activities. In this context, as a result of long searches, we decided on a building registered under the Law on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets to become the headquarters of our Foundation Moreover, this magnificent building also had a garden of close to 1000 m2 that would serve as a showroom for our ecological farming practices.

According to our contract, the building, which will be our foundation center for a period of 10 years, was built in 1894 and was known as the Hacı Latifler house in Muğla. Our founder Safai Özer, an architect experienced in the restoration of old buildings, used his professional knowledge by also reflecting his artistic personality.He transformed a dilapidated building into a living, breathing work that literally thanked us for keeping it alive thanks to Safai Ozer’s efforts in both the restoration of the building’s interior and the arrangement of its garden,

In our headquarters, we aim to create resources that will give hope to many students and to implement many social responsibility projects. In fact, we have implemented the first of many social responsibility projects that we aimed to realize by giving life to this building, which was a wreck before.

It is possible to see various examples of permaculture in the garden of our foundation. We create raised gardens and grow products in these gardens. Our aim is to illustrate that many plants can be grown without using any chemicals and to raise awareness in this context.

We have grown many plants in our garden, from chufa or ground almond to goji berry, artichoke to glabrous okra, kohlrabi to Korean melon. We also made it possible for the soil to utilize valuable worm manure by placing red California worms in the funnels we placed in the middle of the gardens.