The establishment purpose of Education, Geriatrics, Ecological Agriculture, Tourism (EGET) Foundation is to provide scholarships to students in need due to financial constraints.

Principally, the foundations are not set up for profit. Their mission is based on solidarity and philanthropy. While establishing the EGET Foundation, our priority was that our foundation could live for many years and continue to support education without interruption. However, if the foundations choose to carry on depending on donations then, unfortunately, it becomes difficult for them to survive for long years. For this reason, we have taken steps to ensure that EGET has strong fundamentals. We designed the substructure so that EGET could create its own floating capital through its projects and through its investments. Therefore, in order to generate continuous capital for the foundation, a short period after our foundation is proclaimed in the officia gazette, we set up EGET VAKFI COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE.

The first business of our Commercial enterprise is ARMUTÇUK AGRICULTURAL ENTERPRISE. The land of 22.000 square meters in the city of Muğla, Ula district, Armutçuk quarter is donated to the foundation by the founders. Levelling works on the land took several months to complete.


After regenerating the land, we planted the truffle inoculated oak tillers that are bought from Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Truffle Research and Application Center. In 24-May-2015, 415 oak tillers are planted to the land. The preferred truffle for our commercial enterprise was ‘Tuber Melonosporum’ also known as the winter truffle. It may also grow naturally on Mediterrenean climate zone.


The second initiative of of our enterprise was to generate the first lavender farm of Turkish coastal cities. For optimum utlisation of the land, until the truffles are harvested, we planted lavander seedlings in between the oak tillers that are spaced by 6 meter intervals To grow lavender is pretty effortless and it prefers lime soil. In the year 2016, we planted 2600 stems Lavandula X Intermedia Super A type lavender seedling in 3500 square meter land. In October 2019, together with 2300 stems of Lavandula Angustifolia, and 250 stems Lavandula Super A that we propogated from cuttings are planted om the land. Thus, we increased the lavender plantation area to 7000 square meters.

In 2018, 215 kg. 7,8 kg lavender oil as a result of the distillation of lavender seeds and stems. In 2019, From 463 kg. lavender 25,24 kg lavender oil. In 2020, from 500 kg lavender. 25.87 kg. lavender oil Obtained.


Instead of selling the lavender oil that is obtained from our own lavenders grown chemical free and harvested only by manhandling, we chose to add value turning them into products. By this preference, EGET TEN brand is born. In 2019, we launched six different products on cosmetics market under EGET TEN brand name: Lavender oil shampoo, handmade soap, liquid soap,lavender cologne, skin tonic and lavender water (lavender hydrosol) which has many area of usage. In pursuit of lavender oil extracted from year 2019 harvest, we added lavender oil day cream, shower gel, face washing liquid and body lotion into EGET TEN product line.

We have our products manufactured in as much natural ways as possible under the guidance of regulations, have them analyzed in accredited laboratories and only after that they were put in the market All our cosmetics products under EGET TEN brand is registered to the Product Notification System (ÜTS) of Turkish Ministry of Health .

Our commercial enterprise also sells lavender tillers retail or wholesale to either farmers wanting to start a lavender farm or to individuals or instuitions that want to grow lavenders as passtimes. Our commercial enerprise also sells gojiberry, thornless blackberry and other seasonally varying ornamental and vegatable plants

Our commercial enterprise is a member of ‘The Ornamental Plants Growers Union(SÜSBİR)’ and has Ornamental Plant Grower Certificate taken from Turkish Agriculture and Forestry Ministry, Muğla City Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry. Moreover, we have Entrepreneur Certificate for Transition to Organic Agricultere taken from the international certification company ECOCERT.



Our commercial enterprise, adopts to be respectful to nature and environment and to priotorise tne natural production. as a principle in each of its initiatives. We do not use any chemical fertilizers or chemical pest control methods. We also believe that we must show extra attention to protect the soil. Even choosing the fertilizer we need, our preference is for organic certificate vermicompost which is considered as a miracle of nature.

We make extra effort to be rigorous and sensitive in each product either we produce it ourselves or get it produced according to EGET standards. Before offering our products, we have them analzed in accredited laboratories. Therefore, you can be comfortable with EGET Foundation Commercial Enterprise branded items; you can offer them to your loved ones as presents.


EGET pictures a Türkiye where financial incapability does not hinder university education; where nature is protected through sustainable agricultural techniques; where illustrations of contemporary tourism are actualized for middle-aged and older individuals. In each product you buy, you will contribute to the scholarships that are awarded to university students by EGET Foundation.


From Nature To You; From You To Education

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